Practice Areas


The firm handles all sorts of criminal cases in the court of law. The firm has expert team of criminal trial. The firm assures justice to its clients. The firms also provide liaison service before the appropriate authority including police stations. Since its inception Firm has done considerable amount of criminal litigation and professes expertise in matters specifically pertaining to economic offences / white collar crimes and the offences falling under the Penal Code, Road Traffic Act, Securities Industry Act and Companies Act.


The firm has a very good team of Advocates/Lawyers exclusively having very vast knowledge and experience in all sorts of civil cases.


The firm also deals in the matrimonial cases. The firm provides consultation /assistance for the purpose of amicable settle the matrimonial dispute between the parties. If there is break down of marriage, the firm provides speedy redressal the issue in the court of law or before any other authority. The firm has a good team of lawyers, which make assistance and resolve the matrimonial dispute unto the satisfaction of the clients as per their needs and demand. The firm also deals in the court marriage/Arya Samaj marriage/Muslim marriages/marriages under Special marriage Act etc.


That this is the era of resolving the dispute through the medium of Alternative Dispute Resolution System (ADR).Our Firm has experts of penal advocates, who are very competent to meets the expectations of our clients, those who want to resolve the Dispute through Arbitration, Mediation, Lok Adalat etc.

Negotiable Instrument Act (N.I.Act)

That the firm has special advocates team, who exclusively deals the cheque bounce cases and other cases pertaining to the NI Act.


That the firm also deals in all commercial/corporate and Banking cases. It has special team to look the banking and commercial cases before the courts as well as various tribunal including DRT. Firm has expertise in providing advisory and litigation services to banking sector and financial sector companies including companies from wealth management sector.

  • Recovery suits, Pledge, Hypothecation matters and Arbitration,Sec-138 NI Act
  • Foreclosure proceedings & related litigation for recovery of loan etc.

Intellectual property Laws

The firm has the expert penal of Lawyers, who exclusively deals the cases of IPR. You may contact the Firm for Trademark/Patient/copyright/layout design/ geographical indication etc. registration and compliance before the authority or any litigation matter relating to IPR.


The cases, which are not resolved amicably, may undergo litigation at courts or other judicial / quasi-judicial platforms. Firm litigation department handles a full spectrum of civil, commercial and criminal litigation.

Firm litigation department handles all phases of litigation, from pre-trial preparation, through trial and, if required, appeals. The department is active in all areas of litigation practice and routinely advises and assists in Criminal, arbitration, bankruptcy & insolvency, building & construction law, banking & company law, employment law, insurance law, landlord & tenant law, matrimonial / family law, probate & administration of estates, trust law, vehicle & industrial accident claims and workmen's compensation claims.

Property/Real Estate

India has witnessed immense growth in real estate sectors in the past decade and liberalization on foreign direct investment has provided greater impetus to the growth of real estate development in India. It has also sparked a frenzy of activity in the development of commercial projects - high rise office buildings, hotels, shopping complexes, industrial and technology parks, leisure and entertainment multiplexes,etc.

The firm advises developers from the inception of a project on matters such as planning requirements, licenses, development charges and project financing, and after the post-completion stage, on the formation and duties of the management corporation and the management of estates.

It also routinely advises on all types of leases and tenancies.

The firm also advises on all property-related matters including property taxes, clearance of squatters, compulsory acquisitions, rent control matters, and the gazetting of properties for conservation. It also advises on the disposition of assets through gifts, trusts and wills, and handles probate and administration matters. Requisite approvals and permissions from concerned authorities. Apart from daily corporate advisory work and connected documentation, the Firm is involved in structuring deals for its client and specializes in drafting Agreements to effect property sales, leasing and financing.

Labour & Service Matters

The Firm possesses experience and expertise in diverse areas such as service and Labour law. Its members are equipped to deal with the most complex legal issues arising from Employment contracts and in the past have defended actions filed by employees against termination/dismissal and payment of wages, bonus, compensation and damages at various courts, industrial tribunals and forums. The Firm is engaged in advising its clients on statutory and regulatory compliances on a consistent basis. Most commonly firm has been providing following kind of services through:

  • Drafting & vetting employment and management contracts
  • Employment restructuring
  • Employer/ employee dispute resolution
  • Agency- appointment & dismissal
  • Representing employer/employee in labour courts and subsequent appellate courts

Consumer Disputes/ Consumer Affairs

Indian Judicial System provides for quasi-judicial machinery for speedy and fair redressal of complaints file under Consumer Protection Act. The three-tier system present at District, State & Centre level entertains cases as per the jurisdiction provided. State & Center provides for appellate jurisdiction as well. The firm represents its client at all the appropriate stages till the final appellate in Supreme Court.

The Firm has a consistent presence at the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission for those companies as well as others.

Legal Documentations

The firm also provide the various drafting of documents to its clients. Any one may contact to the firm for the purpose of drafting of any letter /paper/ contract/ agreement/ partnership deed / MOU/ article of Association or Memorandum etc. for the any company/ employment contract etc.

"Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate."

— P. K. Jha(Founder)